Director of Photography, Videographer and Photographer

Currently based in Montreal, Quebec Kes Tagney specialises in moving image production.
I work as a freelance Director of Photography, Videographer and Photographer on a range of creative and commercial productions. My experience working in film has been mostly with independent short fiction films in Montreal, while my video work has ranged from corporate promotional videos to event coverage. In the area of photography I work on creative projects stemming from a concept and developing into a visual interpretation of that concept, as well as studio portraits and nature photography.

Cinematography & videography

What is the difference between Cinematography and Videography? The word 'Cinematography' has Greek roots from the words kinema "movement" and graphein "to record". In this sense it could be taken to refer to any moving image production. However, in the evolving modern world of cinema, television and the internet, there are increasing numbers of sub-genres within Cinematography. For my own work I categorise productions under cinematography that are a fiction or documentary production of a creative nature which involves pre-planned, conceptualised shots, shot in film or digital format and brought to being by a person or people working in the manner associated with film production, i.e fiction or documentary films and music videos.

Videography for me means, shooting in digital format, produced by one or more person's for a non-fiction, non-documentary film production, i.e event coverage, many aspects of commercial video production, etc.


I always enjoy the purity of photography. The ability to visually capture a fraction of a second from the world and present it for all to see. With the limitless possibilities that this medium presents, comes the excitement of realising your wildest ideas and capturing a glimpse of our diverse world.


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