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Growing up in Cornwall, England, I was surrounded by its wild landscape, coastline and way of living. This energy has stayed with me through out my life, and helps to drive my creative work.

Upon completion of BFA Film Production at Falmouth College of Fine Arts, I began initiating creative film projects in Cornwall, on which I worked for sometime. After several years of travel, I moved to Canada, and am now a Cinematographer and Steadicam operator based in Montreal, Quebec.

My concentration has been narrative fiction, music video, advertising, and creative collaborations such as dance films, and underwater videography.

My work as a Cinematographer has taken me all over the world to India, France, Peru, Indonesia and beyond. I am an active member of the film making community in Montreal, and I value highly creative connection with others. I am always on the lookout for people and teams with whom I share a similar creative vision.

I am also a steadicam operator, and underwater camera operator. My interest in Steadicam grew from a love of being able to move freely with the camera. With underwater operating, the sea has always been an important element in my life. I am a SCUBA instructor and natural world enthusiast, so underwater operating is a great combination of passions for me.

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